Celebrate your Inner self this Dussehra

India is a land of fests, customs and religions. We, in India as spiritual and religious citizens believe in celebrating every religion in India. No matter from which religion we belong to. Like recently, we witnessed a Muslim celebrity celebrating Diwali. Festivals are part of our lives. For youngsters dwelling in hostels, festivals are the best opportunity to get back to their homes and enjoy mom’s delicious recipes. For aged people, it is the best or the only time when they get to meet their grown-up responsible children who have also got children. And for children festival is about getting a handful of prasad, wearing new clothes, enjoying aarti and much more.

Dussehra is one of the most auspicious and exhilarating occasion when Indians unite to celebrate it. It isn’t just a festival. Dussehra in itself comes up with a message that we all should remember and follow throughout our lives. This exquisite festival lays down the message that ‘Good always wins over the Evil’. And so applies in our lives too. We all face obstacles. In Fact, the biggest devil that resides today is in our “ourselves”. Today we do not have Ravana physically. But the truth is that Lord Ram and Lord Ravana both are within us. Everything is within us. The good as well as bad. It depends on us what to use, how to use and why to use. The Evil that is assassinating many of us in today’s world is jealousy, hatred, comparison, fear, illogical believes. This all together makes today’s Ravana which is much devastating and destructive than the earlier one.

Dussehra rightly reminds us to kill such thoughts timely and clean our inner selves intermittently. So as to not only survive but to live better, healthier and stronger.  Dussehra is basically like celebrating life every year by implementing its core message every day and spreading it every hour at least to self and our beloveds if not feasible to spread it to many.

We face several evils in our life. Be it in the form of people who are enemies or be it in the form of the situation which completely opposes us. Remember! Every evil fosters us. Cowards give up. And the brave ones continue even after facing the worst. Ravana had all the powers yet he failed. Lord Rama too had powers but he used them sagaciously. Using yourself rightly is important. Stand for what’s right even after others favouring the wrong.

Happy Dussehra! Let’s kill the devil and celebrate the new us.