Dil Do Sports Ko!

Indian women Cricket Team reached in World Cup Final Yesterday. So, after 1983, this sunday will witness another Indian Team contesting for the World Cup at Lords. Whole nation is talking about the magnificent show put-up by Captain Mithali Raj & her team.

And this again shows our love with sports. From snatching the cricket World Cup trophy, to Sachin Tendulkar’s soul-stirrer retirement to being the undefeated Kabaddi champions to Mary Kom’s stunning upturn, and the inspiring Olympic Medals the girls brought recently… India has encountered so many important snapshots of Indian games history that you will love to backpedal in time and remember them, again and again!

Indian sports persons, keeps gifting us those moments, in different fields and games every now & then. Though the cricket is most discussed sport, it was never the only one. Hockey, Badminton, Tennis, Wrestling, Kabaddi, Athletic Games, Football, Chess & a lot more… India is progressively expanding award counts at global occasions, and has made considerable progress in every front.

The historical backdrop of games in India goes back to the Vedic time. Physical culture in antiquated India was sustained by a capable fuel- religious customs. There were some all around characterized esteems like the mantra in the Atharva-Veda, saying,” Duty is in my right hand and the fruits of triumph in my left”. The organizers of the Olympic thought had India particularly at the top of the priority list when they were settling on the different controls.

Did you realize that India has won each of the five Kabaddi world cups played till now? How astounding is that! With the current 2014 Asian Games win by both the men and ladies Kabaddi groups, India has denoted its unbeaten domain in this game. In spite of the fact that kabaddi is basically an Indian diversion, very little is thought about the cause of this amusement. There is, nonetheless, solid proof, that the diversion is 4,000 year old.

The game which is requires the duo of aptitude and power, and joins the attributes of wrestling and rugby, was initially intended to create self preservation, notwithstanding reactions to assault, and reflexes of counter assault by people, and by gatherings or groups. It is a somewhat straightforward and cheap diversion, and neither requires a gigantic playing zone, nor any costly gear. This clarifies the notoriety of the diversion in country India. Kabaddi is played all finished Asia with minor varieties.

Going back to the 1960s, the great years for the Indian Football group and it positioned among the main 20 groups of the world. Under the tutelage of the incredible Syed Abdul Rahim, they won the Asian Games. Amid the group’s pinnacle time frame, they were naturally best in class to play in the FIFA World Cup. In any case, they couldn’t take an interest in the amusements because of absence of assets, money related limitations and other inward issues. It’s time for the hidden talent to emerge like that of 1960s, and bring back Indian football into the league.

Talking about the league and not mentioning about the Flying Sikh, Milkha Singh’s commitment to Indian games would be truly an injustice! What’s more, when we discuss some of India’s most critical donning minutes, we can’t avoid Singh’s execution in the 1960 Olympics where he broke the 400m Olympic record.

Similarly, With regards to Hockey, the commitment of Major Dhyanchand can’t be skipped. “The Wizard” drove the Indian Hockey group to triumph many a times including the 1936 Berlin Olympics triumph over Germany which was seen by more than 40,000 individuals including Hitler.

Youth in the world of today must be appreciated for the Craze among Cricket but not limited to Cricket! Latest example lies when the India’s hockey heroes kept the banner flying on a dismal day for cricket in CT17. All thanks to  the 2010 Commonwealth Games, badminton got a really high-class framework, and now the the Badminton World Federation (BWF) sees a tremendous potential for showcasing the amusement in India. India’s most recent badminton heartthrob, P.V. Sindhu added another quill to India’s eminence as of late by turning into the main Indian lady to win a silver award at Rio Olympics 2016.

In a nation like India where addiction on cricket is not shrouded, we saw another games sensation in Narain Kathikeyan when this youthful racer turned into India’s first Formula One engine hustling driver. After him, Karun Chandok excessively joined the game, and on account of their underlying force, now there is an Indian F1 group and an Indian Grand Prix circuit.

These legendary illustrations represent a solid structure of Sports in india and additionally significant extent of various games in the country! All, the country demands is equivalent appreciation as that of Cricket and there would be better open doors for sportspersons who are enthusiastic about the games like Football, Kabaddi, Badminton, Hockey and so forth to come into solid spotlight of gratefulness and support.