MODI-fied INDIA! – Three years of BJP Regime

MODI-fied INDIA! – Three years of BJP Regime

Three years ago, with a sweeping majority, India voted for One Party- BJP and India counted on One-Name – Narendra Modi. After three big years, with huge progress in almost every sector and further continued efforts, Bharatiya Janata Party has proved that it won’t let India down!

No effort has been left undone to improve our relations with the rest of the world and prove to them that we strictly believe in a policy of ‘Vasudeva Kutumbhkam’! From the Madison square speech that took Indian-Americans into confidence, to ensure that our closest neighbours don’t take us for granted- by countering terrorism, We stand on firm grounds globally!

Talking about

Advancements in Infrastructure – by

  1. Schemes like PMGSY– where for connecting the nation, roads are being built at a much faster pace than before
  2. Inauguration of the country’s longest river bridge in the North- East (Bhupen Hazarika Bridge)- that will reduce travel time by at-least four hours.

Advancements in Financial Sector – by

  1. Attracting FDIs wherein foreign inflows have increased by a significant level of $13Bn
  2. Lowering of Fiscal Deficit, Current Account Deficit and Inflation.
  3. India has even marked a better position in Ease of Doing Business (Currently, India ranks 130th out of 190 economies in Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) as per Doing Business Report, 2017

Advancements in Manufacturing Sector –

  1. EoDB is just another roar of the Make In India Lion, wherein there have been unprecedented efforts in various states
  2. Obtaining utility permits (for water and electricity) has smoothened up
  3. Registration and Incorporation of companies has speeded up (the concept of minimum paid –up capital has been done away with)
  4. Dept. of Industrial Policy and Promotion has integrated processes
  5. online portals (ESIC and EPFO) have been established with load-handling servers.
  6. States are to be ranked on 405 business process reforms right from labour regulation, procuring credit to land availability and allocation- registering property.  

Advancements in Employment Sector – No stone has been left unturned

  1. Creating employment opportunities by focus on Self Employment
  2. Fascinating Foreign Investors to the establishment of portals such as e-Biz.   (Visualisation – Pictures of Make In India- lion may be added or a collage of Make in India, startup India, demonetisation etc)
  3. One can’t afford to miss out on the start-ups that have revolutionised India with instilled innovation and a seamless potential to develop products and services for greater wealth creation.
  4. All this has happened in the wake of Start-Up India and its encouraging Tax benefits. (
  5. Talking about Taxes, GST- “Goods and Service Tax”, is finally ready in black and white to be implemented after “Gahri Samajh of Taxes!” This will not just fill our treasuries with greater tax compliance but will also give a huge boost to our commerce and industry.

Advancements in Removing Redundant Acts

  1. A step to reduce procrastination of necessary laws and another one to withdraw useless Acts was the need of the hour.
  2. Benami Transactions Prohibition Act, RERA and unifying the AADHAAR CARD with PAN and the Landmark law on Maternity Leave are just some of the examples.

Considering these measures, BJP’s and in turn India’s growth chart stands upward and rising.  

Plus, how can anyone forget the Historic Decision of Demonetisation? Calling it a strategy that pulled the chair before the Black Money Maaliks could even settle in, would be much relatable!

India persevered and some even lost patience but when the other political parties merely talked of ending Corruption. BJP, just like always, made Actions Speak Louder Than Our Words.

Going further & personal, Indore is my hometown, but who could have imagined five years ago, that one day my city would turn into India’s Cleanest City, these are the results of pan India Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, which is not just a campaign – but a promise to keep our surroundings clean.

And these are just glimpse of the overall work that’s done, being done & will be done. If we go on, writing about it, even 1000 pages will be less to accommodate. You can read some more of them here

“Sab ka Saath, Sab ka Vikaas” –

Last, but not the least, the motivation of a leader like Narendra Modi Ji, comes from the principles of the party. Bharatiya Janata Party stands apart from all its counterparts with strong thought process, policies & vision. Thus, taking every Indian together for creating a better India, is not the ideology of a single person, but every single Karykarta of BJP.

The biggest achievement I see here of Modi government here is the connection of Indian youth with politics, which didn’t exist in this ample amount. Indian youth has joined the bandwagon, & with world’s biggest youth force, Modi government is making & will continue to make Dreams of विश्वगुरु भारत come True!