Let’s be Practical!

Let’s be Practical!

Hello Everyone! I am sure you must have heard or said ‘Let’s be Practical’ at least once. This is such a statement which we come across in our day to day life, but do you know why we use it so often…because being practical means not pondering upon the issues, problems or situations but it’s all about finding the solution. Seeking solutions is the only way out to live a successful life.

Politics is one such field that gives an opportunity to solve the problems prevalent in society or to actualize the developments which we wish and dream to have in our city or country. Politics is all about being practical. So, with this blog, I want to grab the attention of youth towards politics. I know youth is highly active on social networking sites and they express their views, aggression and suggestions effectively here, but just expression is not sufficient… So let’s be practical because to bring effects one has to act. I want them to take one more step and along with online politics, they must start participating in offline politics too i.e. on ground participation.

Youth have a wrong notion about Politics. Politics is not limited to running the governments only politics is everywhere. So first of all, I would like to present the definition of Politics to make the picture clearer – “Politics is the art or science of influencing people on a civic or individual level when there are more than 2 people involved.” So, don’t you think youth face this ‘Politics’ in other facades of life including the corporate world? They do and at times they face failure, defeat, and betrayal in this office politics. But with time and experience, they learn to deal with it. Similarly ‘Politics’ is a profession where one has to work for the nation and not just for a company and strives for the betterment of complete society, instead of oneself and colleagues only. So, don’t you think this career option has a better and wider scope to explore one’s management skills and capabilities…Besides; the feeling of serving humanity and bringing a smile on faces is so pious and divine. Youth must think seriously about Politics, so that nation gets a new, enthusiastic, and modern approach to solving the age-old issues and prejudices as well.

Like doctors and engineers, Politicians also get experience and mastery of making sincere and right decisions for society over the period of time. There is no better career than Politics to bring the desired changes in the society, city, state and nation at large.

I am sorry if someone is hurt by hearing Politics and Career together, but let’s be practical to take Politics seriously. I wish to see more vibrant, energetic and positive people in Politics for the betterment of My nation, Your nation, Our nation!